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  • Hesham Ghandour

    Hesham Ghandour

    Co-Founder @ Dapi

  • Tony Zappala

    Tony Zappala

    Partner at Highland Europe.

  • John Reynolds

    John Reynolds

    Award-winning freelance business journalist, Sunday Independent (Ireland), The Currency, FT. Previously worked for Reuters and the BBC

  • Brian Caulfield

    Brian Caulfield

    Venture Partner at Draper Esprit. Previously founder at Exceptis & Similarity Systems and partner at Trinity Venture Capital. Recovering angel investor.

  • Casey Lau

    Casey Lau

    thoughts on everything from startup ecosystems, conferences, anime, video games, comic books, digital entertainment to cats and ninjas.

  • Vinnie Quinn

    Vinnie Quinn

    cycling, bacon, to smile and smile and still be a sceptic. IRL http://ie.linkedin.com/in/vinniequinn also masquerading as @evrcm evercam.io

  • Oisin Hanrahan

    Oisin Hanrahan

    Co-Founder & CEO of Handy

  • Manish Rai Jain

    Manish Rai Jain

    Founder Dgraph Labs, Ex-Googler, Software Engineer

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