An exercise in throttling the potential of an exciting protocol to do just what I wanted

My first non-fungible tokens, NFT’s $YLAMBO & $MDAV, created March 15, 2018 & March 27, 2018 respectively, were each unique works represented by indivisible ERC-20 tokens. Almost three years later the NFT landscape for artists is robust with numerous platforms dedicated to the management and marketing/sales of NFT artworks and collectibles (SuperRare, OpenSea, Rarible, KnownOrigin, Portion, Enjin, etc). Thousands of artists across the globe have chosen to present their work in NFT form. …

From Pap-smears to GANs

Self Portrait? (2019–2020)

In 1992, three years after I first identified as an artist, I became aware of the alarming false-negative rate (FNR) that top cytology laboratories in America were experiencing while examining Pap-smear specimens for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN), cervical cancer.

The FNR was as high as 35% at some labs which meant there were tens of thousands of women unaware of their condition due to misinterpreted Pap results. The false-negatives were a result of human error due to the inability of lab technologists to discern between normal and abnormal specimens. Taken aback by the severity of this reality, I set out…

Kevin Abosch & Ai Weiwei — Berlin 2018

What Is Priceless? by Kevin Abosch

From the moment we come into this world, there are those who try to ascribe value to us. They may say, “That boy over there is so full of potential” or “That girl is worthless.” Indeed, history shows entire communities and ethnicities devalued to such an extent that it has even paved a path towards genocide.

My own father was a refugee, his Jewish parents murdered at the hands of the Nazis in Auschwitz. Right now, the Rohingya people have been displaced by the hundreds of thousands from their homes in Myanmar. …

The idea that artificial intelligence will ineluctably bring us to a scenario in which machines square off against humans is a popular one. It suggests the greatest threat imaginable, that collectively machines will choose to align themselves against us, and in a quest for true autonomy and self-preservation, attempt to destroy us.

Is this truly inevitable?

Literary and cinematic depictions of intelligent computer systems from the 1960's helped form and inform our expectations as we embarked on a path to create a level of machine intelligence that would match or exceed our own notions of human intelligence. AI has obviously…

Maybe an expletive will cut through the noise? I doubt it, so I’ll present it sanitized a bit in the title for the sake of public decency. Decent indeed, this public that disrobes and stands naked and vulnerable in a millisecond for a bit of convenience.

I’m deafened by the cacophony of claims by companies purporting to offer products that are private and/or anonymous and/or ephemeral, while few of them even understand the distinction or relationship between these words.

Do any of them consider the implications of managing their users’ expectations? I imagine some do, but so many clearly don’t…

Is It Safe In Here?

Context is everything. A bag of cow manure, emptied, is just a pile of shit. In the context of a farm, it supplies the nutrients to grow a crop of vegetables.

In November 2001 I rented a car for a week in Los Angeles, as my own was getting a transmission overhaul. While driving down San Vicente Boulevard on my way home, I saw the flashing lights of a police car in my rearview mirror. I pulled over, anxiously waiting for the officer to step out and walk up to my door. I lowered the window. The officer politely…

The Fall of Ethically Corrupt Social Platforms

It’s May 1st, 2018 and the once seemingly-unstoppable, mighty behemoth of online social, Facebook, is now a shell of a platform. Its founders, long cashed-out and hardly relevant in what is now known as the “Privacy-First” movement, Facebook lies amongst the corpses of GeoCities, MySpace, AOL and the more recently imploded Twitter and Google+.

While Mark Zuckerberg’s substantial wealth finds its way into dozens of startups through his formidable investment fund, he is regarded by many of today’s players as somewhat irrelevant, and his role in creating what is today seen as one of the most ethically corrupt platforms of…

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